How to Operate a McCulloch MAC 110 Chain Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Eye protection

  • Work gloves

  • Fresh gasoline

  • 2-cycle engine oil (McCulloch, if available)

  • Chain and bar oil

  • Wooden logs (for practice)

  • Slotted screwdriver

The McCulloch MAC 110 chain saw was a popular McCulloch model produced during the 1970s and early 1980s. It was one of the top selling models McCulloch produced; the fact that so many are still in operation 30 years later suggests that they were extremely durable and well built. Operating the Mac 110 is very straightforward; learning to operate one safely and efficiently can be done by following a few standardized procedures developed by McCulloch. These standardized procedures cover properly using the entire McCulloch line of small, gasoline-operated chainsaws.


Step 1

Complete a pre-engine start checklist. Fill the gasoline tank with a 40:1 ratio of gasoline and 2-cycle oil. The gas cap is located on the left side of the machine below the pull start rope. Fill the oil tank with chain and bar oil; the oil tank fill cap is located next to the gasoline fill cap on the left side of the machine. Be sure the chain brake has been disengaged by pushing the black paddle bar away from you (when standing behind the machine). The chain brake looks like a paddle bar located on top of the machine near the front of the engine.

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Step 2

Press the red "STOP" switch located beneath the starter rope to the "ON" position. Pull out the choke located on the right side of the engine completely, so that it latches in the closed (starting) position. Gently push in the primer bulb located on the right side of the engine 10 times to inject fuel into the carburetor. Depress the throttle latch and squeeze the throttle trigger at the same time, then release the trigger first and then the latch. The throttle latch and throttle trigger are located directly beneath the handle behind the engine.


Step 3

Put on eye protection. Place the chain saw on the ground. Hold the chain saw securely with your foot by placing it through the handle located behind the engine. This will ensure the chain saw does not move as you pull the starter rope. Pull sharply on the starter rope five times. Watch the chain to be certain if it is running or not. If it does not start, reduce the choke setting and pull five more times or until it starts.


Step 4

Let the engine run for at least 20 seconds to warm up before applying a load, such as cutting wood, to the engine. Momentarily depress the trigger to return the machine to idle. In some occasional instances, due to operating conditions such as increased humidity, altitude or temperature, the chain saw may require a slight adjustment to the idle speed after the engine has completely warmed up. With the engine idling, turn the idle adjustment screw (located directly beneath the starter pull rope) one-quarter turn to the right to increase the idle speed slightly. Turn the idle adjustment screw one-quarter turn to the left to decrease the idle speed slightly. The idle speed should be set so that the chain does not turn while the engine idles. If it does, decrease the idle speed until the chain stops revolving.


Step 5

Hold the chain saw firmly by the rear handle with one hand. Place the other hand on the "T" handle located near the front of the chain saw engine. Control the motion of the chain saw with the "T" handle and depress the trigger to activate the chain with the other hand. Operate the chain saw until you're ready to shut it down. Release the trigger to let the machine idle for a few seconds to clear the excess gasoline from the engine. Press the "STOP" switch down to shut off the engine.


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