How to Grow Sweet Corn in Florida

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Things You'll Need

  • Tractor with plow attachment

  • Garden tiller

  • Garden hoe

  • Hose with sprinkler attachment

  • Ruler or tape measure

Corn growers in Florida can take advantage of a year-round growing season.

Sweet corn is a great accompaniment to any meal. In Florida, growers can take advantage of very long multiple growing seasons to produce sweet corn year-round. Because of the year-round growing seasons, Florida is a major exporter of corn, according to the University of Florida. Corn planting is done in at least four rows; this is important for pollination.


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Step 1

Begin planting at the right time for your part of Florida. In northern Florida the planting time is between February and April. As for central Florida, plant between January and April. In southern Florida the planting season is between October and March.

Step 2

Use the garden tiller to till the soil down 2 feet deep.

Step 3

Plow using the plow attachment on the tractor to plow four rows, 2 inches deep and 7 feet long. Space the rows about 3 feet apart.


Step 4

Walk along the rows planting one seed every 16 inches.

Step 5

Use the hoe to pull about an inch of dirt over each of your seeds. Use the flat part of the hoe to tamp down the dirt.

Step 6

Water with the sprinkler once a day in the early morning or in the late afternoon to avoid boiling your seeds. Water the seeds so that the dirt is damp, but not soaked.