How to Refill a Goose-Down Comforter

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors or seam ripper

  • Broom or baseball bat

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • Plastic trash bag

Keep your goose-down comforter warm and inviting.

Goose-down comforters are soft and cozy, but they can lose their feathers over time. Even without losing any feathers, the down can become compacted and lose its fluffy nature. As a result, the comforter will begin to deteriorate. Refilling a down comforter is a valuable home improvement project for the bedroom. A freshly filled goose-down comforter adds a warm and inviting piece of bedding to a bedroom design. If a down-filled comforter starts to lose its fluff, down-filled pillows can be used to refill the flattened areas. The refilling process is simple.


Step 1

Cut a hole in the along the seam of a down-filled pillow, using scissors. Find a seam in the pillow-casing and cut a 6-inch hole along the seam. Press all of the down filler away from the freshly cut slit in the pillow-casing to keep it from spilling out.

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Step 2

Open the comforter seam. Use scissors or a seam ripper and remove a 6-inch portion of seam along the bottom side of the comforter. Remove the straight stitching because it is the easiest to sew back up and restitch. Carefully pull the stitching loose and separate the top and bottom layers of the goose-down comforter.

Step 3

Stuff the pillow filling into the comforter. Pull handfuls of down out of the pillow and insert them into the comforter opening. Use the end of a baseball bat or the stick end of a broom to press the down filling deep into the comforter. Repeat this procedure one handful at at time until the comforter regains its fluffy texture.


Step 4

Re-stitch the 6-inch opening in the comforter, using a needle and thread. If a sewing machine is available, use it to sew up the opening in the comforter. Choose a thread color that matches the color of the thread in the rest of the seam around the comforter. Discard or store the rest of the filling in the pillow, placing in a plastic trash bag.


Down filling is difficult to vacuum up, so avoid spilling excess amounts of down filler on the floor. Lay a plastic trash bag under the opening to the pillow and under the opening to the comforter to make the cleanup process easier.


Allergies to down filling can make it difficult to handle. For severe allergy problems, wear gloves and a mask during the refilling process.


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