How to Keep Squirrels Out of Trash Cans

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When hungry, squirrels will eat almost any food.

Squirrels are vegetarians. Their normal diet consists of nuts, seeds and insects. If these rodents get hungry enough, they will eat just about anything they can find. They'll dig up and eat flower bulbs. Squirrels will also scrounge for food in trash cans. It's hard enough to keep neighborhood dogs and cats out of your trash cans without having squirrels and other wildlife getting into them, too. There are a few simple measures you can take to keep your cans squirrel-free.


Step 1

Separate your refuse, states the United Exterminating Company. Use a standard plastic trash can for the portion of your trash that is not food-related. Place all food-related waste in a metal trash can with a tight-fitting lid. This includes food scraps, as well as cans and containers that contained foods.


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Step 2

Store the galvanized metal trash can in a totally enclosed area, such as in a shed or garage. Placing it in a partially enclosed area, such as inside a fence, won't protect it from squirrels. These rodents can jump and climb like acrobats.

Step 3

Put the metal trash can out for the trash collectors on the morning they are scheduled to arrive. Make sure the lid is on tight. This will help keep squirrels out of trash cans by keeping the garbage out of their reach, according to United Exterminating.


Don't invite squirrels to your property by feeding them.

Rinse out tin cans that contained food before placing them in the trash. Not only will it help to keep your trash from smelling foul, but it will also help keep squirrels away.

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