How to Remove Gum From Wool

Chewed gum easily adheres to most any fabric.

Chewing gum, made to soften as it warms, is actually made from a form of synthetic rubber, mixed with flavorings and sugar. With approximately 100,000 tons of chewing gum consumed worldwide each year, according to, it is bound to cause havoc by getting stuck to clothing and carpets. Removal of gum from certain fibers, namely wool, requires gentle care.

Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic garbage bag

  • Dull knife

  • Ice cube

  • Small plastic bag

  • Spoon

  • Dry-cleaning fluid

  • Clean cloths

  • 1/4 tsp. mild washing detergent

  • 1 cup cool water

  • Cool water

Wool Clothing

Step 1

Fold the article of clothing in half, with the gum facing out.

Step 2

Place the clothing into a large plastic garbage bag. Pull up on the bag to prevent it from sticking to the gum.

Step 3

Set the bag in the freezer, taking care that it is placed where nothing can fall on top of it. Allow the gum to freeze overnight.

Step 4

Remove the bag from the freezer.

Step 5

Take the article of clothing out of the bag.

Step 6

Peel the gum from clothing with a dull knife while gum is still frozen. If a spot of gum remains on the clothing, refreeze it with an ice cube and gently scrape off with the knife.

Wool Carpeting

Step 1

Pull away as much gum as possible from the carpet without pulling on the carpet fibers.

Step 2

Fill a small plastic bag with ice cubes and set the bag on remainder of gum; allow the gum to freeze.

Step 3

Scrape the frozen gum from carpet gently, using a spoon or dull knife; refreeze if necessary and repeat scraping.

Step 4

Apply dry-cleaning fluid to a clean cloth. Dab the cloth over any final gum traces.

Step 5

Mix a solution of 1/4 tsp. of mild washing detergent and 1 cup of cool water. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and gently wipe the area clean.

Step 6

Wet a cloth with cool water to rinse the soapy solution from carpet.