How to Reach a Smoke Detector on a Vaulted Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • 12-foot or higher "A-frame" or telescoping ladder

  • Broom with a long handle

  • 12-foot roller extension pole

  • Flashlight (optional)

A 12-foot ladder or higher can reach smoke detectors on vaulted ceilings.

When you properly install and maintain a smoke detector, you can significantly reduce injuries and deaths in your home due to fires. Smoke detectors helped decrease fire deaths by almost 50 percent as of 2010, according to the Office of Compliance. Since smoke and toxic gasses rise during a fire, they must be placed at the highest point of your vaulted ceiling. Change the battery every six months when Daylight Savings changes, then clean and test your alarm at least monthly. Use a roller extension pole or rent or buy an "A-frame" or telescoping ladder 12 feet or higher from a home improvement store.


Step 1

Stand under the smoke detector and reach the test button with a broom handle. Press the test button.

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Step 2

Stand under the smoke detector or climb on a ladder and press the test button using an adjustable, 12-foot roller extension pole, used mainly for painting vaulted ceilings.

Step 3

Set up a 12-foot or higher "A-frame" or telescoping ladder underneath the smoke detector, depending on the height of your vaulted ceiling. Place the ladder sturdy on an even floor. Never step on the top step of the ladder. Clean your smoke detector or change your battery. Press the alarm to button to test it while up there.


Choose the type of smoke alarm where you only need to shine a flashlight at it to test it.


Face your ladder at all times while climbing or descending it to prevent falling.

Do not shift or move your ladder while using it.


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