How to Remove Glue From a Hot Glue Gun

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Things You'll Need

  • Paperclip or other small metal bar

  • Glue sticks

  • Paper towels

Clean up your glue gun after use to keep it working properly.

Hot glue guns are used quite a bit in craft projects because the glue cools and sets up quickly. This fast-acting process makes crafts almost instantly ready for their intended purpose. The glue typically does not cause a mess and leaves no sticky residue on surfaces. The only issue that might arise is if the glue gets stuck in the nozzle of the gun. When this happens, you can try a few things to unclog the tip.


Step 1

Plug in the hot glue gun and then turn it on if it has a switch. Most turn on when you plug them in. Allow the glue gun to heat up.

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Step 2

Load a glue stick into the gun and pull the trigger. Use the new glue stick to help push out as much of the old stick as you can. If you can, push out the entire old portion and pull the new stick back out with your fingers. If you push it in too far during use, you won't be able to do this, so watch the stick and make sure it doesn't go too far.

Step 3

Use a metal stick, such as a paperclip pulled out straight, to scrape out the nozzle of the glue gun. Do this if the glue is old and doesn't flow well. This also works to get the remaining glue out that can't be pushed out from behind. Wipe the nozzle on a paper towel to clean it off.


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