How to Stop a Pool Ladder From Floating

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Things You'll Need

  • Water hose

  • Sealed bag of sand

Pool ladders come in many shapes and sizes. All are designed to give easy access to the pool. Pool ladders hang onto the side wall of a pool and stay stationary. Occasionally pool ladders float to the surface of the pool and do not stay stationary. Apply weight to the lower end of the ladder to solve this problem. The weight acts as a anchor and holds the ladder firmly in place.

Ladders With a Fill Hole

Step 1

Prepare the ladder for filling. Take the ladder out of the pool. Unscrew the cap on the fill hole and ensure it is not blocked.

Step 2

Add weight to the pool ladder. Use a water hose to fill the ladder with water through the fill hole. Screw the cap onto the fill hole tightly or plug the hole using duct tape.

Step 3

Set the pool ladder into the pool. Carefully lower the ladder into the water. Due to the extra weight, more than one person should lower the ladder into the pool to prevent injury.

Ladders With No Fill Hole

Step 1

Position the ladder on the portion of wall where you want it to hang. Set the ladder into the water and hold it firmly against the pool bottom.

Step 2

Apply weights to the pool ladder. Lower a weight, such as sand in a tightly sealed, water-proof container, onto the ladder. Position the weights on the base of the ladder. Add as much weight as needed.

Step 3

Test the ladder for stability. Apply pressure to the ladder to determine how much give it has. When the ladder has little to no give, you have applied the proper amount of weight.


Always test the stability of your ladder. Do not use a pool ladder if it moves excessively under normal weight.