How to Change the Blade on a Fein MultiMaster

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Things You'll Need

  • Fein Multimaster tool

  • Assorted Multimaster blades

You may change the blade on your Fein Multimaster quickly if you need to make repairs around the house. At first, changing the blade may seem like a mystery. You have done the obvious but the blade won't come out. There is no trick. The blade can be changed in only a few seconds once you know how to do it.


Soon you will be using your Multimaster to do all those remodeling chores such as scraping, sanding, filing and making precision wood cuts.

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Step 1

Lift the black lever located near the head of the Fein Multimaster to raise it 1/3 forward. Apply considerably more pressure on the lever to move it the next 2/3 forward to a position parallel to the body.


Step 2

Move the lever forward; this causes the black button located in the center of the blade to become loose. If the button does not loosen, the lever was not moved far enough. Apply more pressure to the lever to release the button. The lever is strong and will not break.

Step 3

Lift the blade from the head.


Step 4

Select another blade and place it on the star mount in the desired position. The blade may be placed to fit in one of several positions, so choose one that will be easy for the job at hand.

Step 5

Place the button in the hole in the blade and lightly press it down. Return the lever parallel to the handle, which will lock the blade in place.


The Fein Multimaster accepts several accessories. Fein uses the term "accessories" to include both blades of various types and sanding accessories.


Unplug the Fein Multimaster before changing the blade.


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