How to Set the Wheel on a Brush Hog

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Brush hogs are advertised by many manufacturers as the best mowing implements of their kind (attachable implements) on the market today. Built to last for many years, they provide superior performance and satisfaction if they are properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule. A very important step in this maintenance schedule is the cutter adjustment, which must be periodically reset to give the best results. Setting the cutter adjustment is done through the tail wheel and may be accomplished quickly.


Things You'll Need

  • Tape Measure

  • 3 Cinder Blocks, 12 Inch

  • Lithium Grease

  • Sae Socket Set

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Step 1

Park your tractor on a flat level surface with the brush hog attached in the normal operational configuration (ready to mow). Set the parking brake.

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Step 2

Raise the cutter off of the ground at least 12 inches using the tractor's power. Turn off the tractor's engine and remove the key to prevent accidental starting.

Step 3

Place three cinder blocks beneath the three corners of the brush hog's outer housing to support it in case it suddenly drops. Remove the bolt (1/2 inch SAE) that holds the tail wheel frame assembly to the tail wheel adjusting strap. Move the tail wheel so that it will support the brush hog's outer housing approximately 3 inches higher in the rear than in the front (when in the down position). Reattach the bolt (1/2 inch SAE) that holds the tail wheel frame assembly to the tail wheel adjusting strap.


Step 4

Remove the cinder blocks. Lower the brush hog to the work position desired (usually between 3 and 12 inches depending on what is being mowed).

Step 5

Adjust the tractor's three point lift links so that there will be a some slack in the yoke linkage. This will allow the brush hog to "float" during mowing operations. To make this adjustment, simply loosen the two brush hog yoke linkage bolts and wiggle the linkage. The linkage will seat itself in the neutral position. After it seats itself, tighten the two brush hog yoke linkage bolts.


Keep the yoke linkage and tail wheel properly lubricated (use lithium grease) to ease the periodic adjustment process.


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