How to Change the Bits on the Hilti TE-505

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Things You'll Need

  • Hilti TE-505

  • Hilti chisel bits

The Hilti TE-505 is a workhorse power tool that is a useful addition to any handyman's tool collection. The Hilti TE-505 uses a variety of chisel bits depending upon the job at hand. Hilti also made the TE-505 with a locking sleeve to make changing chisel bits a quick process, which helps you finish your task more quickly without fumbling around with several different parts to change a bit.


Step 1

Unplug the Hilti TE-505 power cord from the electrical outlet.

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Step 2

Grab the neck of the chisel bit in one hand, and grab the Hilti around the front with your other hand, with your fingers grasping the locking sleeve, which is the portion between the chuck and the body of the Hilti.

Step 3

Pull the locking sleeve back toward you with your fingers, and pull the chisel out of the Hilti tool.

Step 4

Pick up the new chisel bit, and pull back on the locking sleeve. Insert the new chisel bit neck into the Hilti chuck and twist clockwise until the neck locks into place.

Step 5

Release the locking sleeve.


The neck of the chisel is also called the shaft. It is the portion between the chisel head and the body of the Hilti tool.


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