How to Fill a Zippo With Lighter Fluid

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Things You'll Need

  • Zippo lighter fluid

  • Hand soap

Zipp lighter

The Zippo lighter came on the market in 1933, designed by George G. Blaisdell of Bradford, Pennsylvania. The lighter was designed to protect the flame from wind to make it more efficient as a lighting tool. Zippo lighters are now sold all over the world. While it is easy to purchase disposable lighters that don't need to be refilled, Zippo lighters are commonly thought of as keepsakes. For Zippo owners, refilling as needed is a small price to pay in exchange for a quality, durable lighter.


Step 1

Make sure the lighter is cool and then flip open the top of your Zippo.

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Step 2

Hold the base of the lighter with one hand, and with the other hand squeeze the flint wheel and pull it up gently. The flint wheel is the piece you spin with your thumb in order to create a flame. The piece you will be lifting out of the lighter housing is referred to as the inside unit.


Step 3

Turn the inside unit upside down and you will see a piece of felt along the bottom of it. Pull the felt flap up and hold it back. You will also see another strip of felt.

Step 4

Open the top on your Zippo lighter fluid and pour the fluid down into the inside unit, saturating the inner felt. Fill the unit but do not fill it so full that it will flow out of the sides.


Step 5

Lay the layer of felt that you have been holding up back down into its original position. Continue to hold the unit in the upside down position until the felt absorbs the fluid and becomes saturated.

Step 6

Holding the inside unit upside down, slide it back into the outer unit.


Step 7

Flip the lighter over and close the lid.

Step 8

Wash off the outside of the lighter and your hands before lighting the Zippo.


Keep your Zippo and all Zippo lighter fluid out of the reach of children.


Lighting the lighter without first washing it and your hands puts you at risk of being severely burned.



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