How to Freeze Scallops After Cooking

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Scallops are a very versatile mollusk, widely enjoyed because of their sweet taste and soft texture. They can be substituted for shrimp and crab in a variety of different recipes. You should not store cooked scallops in the refrigerator for longer than three to four days because they spoil quickly. It's safest to freeze your cooked scallops if you want to keep the leftovers for another time.


Step 1

Wrap cooked scallops in plastic or an air-tight container.

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Step 2

Put scallops in the coldest part of your freezer. They will keep three to four months in the freezer unless frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, in which case they will be safe to consume indefinitely.

Step 3

Thaw frozen scallops in the refrigerator for one day prior to eating. Because water expands during the freezing process, they will have more moisture and a slightly different texture after being frozen.


Previously frozen scallops are tastiest in casseroles and stews because of the added moisture from freezing.

After purchasing scallops, keep them on ice in a cooler inside your car until you can get them home to be properly refrigerator or frozen.


Scallops should not be consumed if they have a "fishy" odor. If fresh, they normally do not have an odor, or they have a mild, sweet smell.

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