How to Cut a Corian Countertop

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper mask or respirator

  • Tape measure

  • Chalk

  • Router saw with carbide blade

  • Trim saw with carbide tip

  • Soft cloth

Corian is a fairly new countertop material that stands up well against damage. It is easy to sand out chips, cracks and stains from Corian, since its texture and appearance are consistent throughout. As a result, many people with busy kitchens are choosing to install Corian countertops. Before you hire an expensive professional to measure, cut and install your new countertops, consider doing the job yourself. The first step is cutting your Corian countertops to fit your base cabinets.


Step 1

Put on a paper mask or respirator to prevent breathing in small particles of Corian.

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Step 2

Choose an area outdoors with a level, even surface on which to work.

Step 3

Use a tape measure to measure your Corian countertops and mark the cuts that need to be made using chalk in a color that is easily visible against the countertop.


Step 4

Fit a router saw with a carbide blade to make larger cuts. Place the blade carefully onto one of your chalk marks. Start the saw slowly, then raise the level to a moderate speed that you can control. Apply medium pressure to the saw until it slices all the way through the Corian as needed.


Step 5

Use a trim saw with a carbide tip to remove smaller amounts of Corian or to finish the edges of your countertop. Again, use a moderate speed that you can control and apply light to medium pressure as you make the necessary cuts.

Step 6

Dust the Corian countertops thoroughly with a soft cloth to remove all of the dust and debris.

Step 7

Install the Corian countertops as directed.


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