How to Remove Concrete Curing Compound

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Things You'll Need

  • Buffing machine

  • Steel-bristled pad

  • Broom

Concrete curing compound is challenging to remove.

Concrete curing compound is a liquid product that is applied to the surface of newly poured concrete to stop water from evaporating from it. Water that is trapped inside the concrete creates a chemical reaction with the cement, which makes the concrete stronger. If concrete is not sealed, its durability is greatly weakened. If you decide to stain or dye concrete after a curing compound is applied, the compound must be removed to allow the coloring to penetrate the concrete.


Step 1

Rent a buffing machine from a home improvement store or a janitorial supply store. You will also need to rent, or purchase, a steel-bristled pad to go on the bottom of the buffer.

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Step 2

Attach the steel-bristled brush pad to the buffing machine per the manufacturer's instructions. For most buffing pads, you simply lay the pad on the floor with the bristles facing downward. Lean back on the handle of the machine and move it over the top of the pad. Some pads actually snap on to the bottom of the machine.


Step 3

Plug the buffer's electrical cord into an outlet and turn the machine on. Grip the buffer tightly and move the machine in a side-to-side motion as you walk forward. As you walk, you will notice that a fine layer of debris comes off the floor. Continue using the machine until you have gone over the entire surface of the concrete.

Step 4

Sweep the concrete surface thoroughly with a broom to remove all of the curing compound dust from the surface.


Wear eye protection and a dust mask during removal of the curing compound.

A few recently developed concrete curing compounds are designed to be easy to remove. If you know what type of compound was applied, consult the company to see if there is a solvent that will make removal easier.


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