How to Install a Craftsman Mower Deck

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Things You'll Need

  • Craftsman lawn mower

  • New mower deck

Your Craftsman mower may be red, a common color for Craftsman products.

A deck is one of the biggest pieces on a lawn mower. So, installing a new deck sounds like it would be hard. Actually, it is very simple as Craftsman mower decks are called "floating mower decks" and are not welded to the frame. They are joined to the frame by a few pins. Replace the pins and the deck will slide on.


Step 1

Bend down to the mower's deck level.

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Step 2

Position the deck directly under the tractor. Line it up so that all you will have to do is drop the pins in.

Step 3

Lift the front section of the deck up. Place the first two pins in, which are located on each side of the front part.

Step 4

Place the side pins in the side of the mower deck.

Step 5

Drop the next pin in under the clutch gauge, directly in the center of the deck.

Step 6

Place the last pin under the throttle, which is near the back in the middle of the deck.


Place the new deck on without any blades inside the deck. The deck will be lighter and safer.


Unplug the battery under the hood so that the mower has no way of turning on while you are installing a new deck.


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