How to Identify Small Tiny White Flying Insects

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If you've noticed tiny white flying bugs around your home, chances are these are whiteflies. There are other tiny white insects such as aphids, but they lack wings. Whiteflies are seen most often outdoors, in gardens, fruit trees and other kinds of plants and are brought inside by people or pets. You can use an insecticide to get rid of these pests.


Step 1

Analyze the body of the tiny white flying insects. There are four wings on a whitefly and the body is no more than 2 inches long. They appear to be tiny moths or flakes with a waxy coating.

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Step 2

Take notice where tiny white flying insects live. Whiteflies are found on plants, on the underside of the upper level leaves. They feed off the sap of the plants, leaving behind a sticky black substance. If you shake the plant, the whiteflies will fly away, returning to the plant again once it is still.


Step 3

Examine plant leaves for immature whiteflies. The tiny white flying insects lay their eggs on the underside of leaves in a circular pattern.

Step 4

Spray plants with insecticide to get rid of whiteflies. An insect-killing soap (see Resources) is safe to spray around children and pets. Spray plants inside and outside the home and repeat as recommended.

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