How to Clean With Isopropyl Alcohol

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Alcohol is great for cleaning mirrors and windows because it's streak free.

One of the best cleaners is probably under your sink right now. Rubbing, or isopropyl, alcohol is not just for medicinal purposes. It is an effective, economical cleaning agent. Not only is alcohol inexpensive, it also kills germs. Combine one part alcohol and one part water and put the mixture in a plastic spray bottle for all kinds of purposes. Keep a bottle in the kitchen, bathroom and car so you will be ready to wipe away dirt and germs at a moment's notice.


Step 1

Use an alcohol mixture to clean grimy films off phones, doorknobs and switch plates. These places in your home get used often and are generally overlooked when cleaning.

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Step 2

Clean the inside of your car with the mixture. The steering wheel, handles and knobs will easily come clean with a quick wipe of a paper towel.

Step 3

Use the mixture on glass tabletops, mirrors and windows throughout your home. Alcohol is a great glass cleaner because it does not leave behind streaks.

Step 4

Remove ink from fabric and carpeting with alcohol. Blot material with a generous amount of the mixture before cleaning.


Step 5

Clean your bathroom with this mixture. Go over fixtures with a cloth soaked in the solution and they will sparkle like new.

Step 6

Go over your keyboards and mice with this solution to remove grime.


If your glass tabletops are finished, make sure alcohol is a suitable cleaner by testing a small inconspicuous area first.

Use cotton swabs dipped in the mixture for hard to reach or small areas.


Alcohol is flammable, so use it in a dry area where there are no sparks.

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