How to Load a Porter Cable Finishing Nail Gun

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Framing is easy with a pneumatic nailer.

Porter-Cable produces two main types of finish nailers: a straight nailer that drives 16-gauge nails of up to 2-1/2 inches in length and an angled finish nailer that drives slightly larger 15-gauge nails of up to the same length. Each nailer holds up to 100 finish nails in the magazine when fully loaded.


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Step 1

Check that the trigger is not activated.

Step 2

Point the nose of the gun away from your body and away from any bystanders.

Step 3

Slide a new clip of finish nails through the T-shaped opening at the rear of the magazine. If the magazine was completely empty before loading the first clip, you may add a second clip of finish nails behind the first.


Step 4

Pull the magazine pusher (a lever on the left side of the magazine) all the way to the rear of the magazine,and release. The spring loaded pusher pushes the two clips of nails forward, into firing position.

Step 5

Press the nose of the finish nailer into the wood, and fire a test shot to verify that the nails were properly loaded.


When working with air nailers or any other power equipment, always wear appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses.