How to Make a Mirror Fogless

Foggy bathroom mirrors make applying make-up difficult.
Foggy bathroom mirrors make applying make-up difficult. (Image: the mirror image by Jan Will from

Preparing to shave, apply your make-up, or style your hair can be difficult if your mirror is foggy. After taking a hot bath or shower, the mirror gets steamy and you may be unable to see your reflection. Sometimes it is inconvenient to open the bathroom door and allow it to air out, or you may not have time to wait until the mirror is fog-free. Wiping the mirror with a dry towel will only clear it for a few seconds. You can prevent your mirrors from fogging by using simple preventative methods.

Things You'll Need

  • Car wax
  • Dry soft cloths
  • White foam shaving cream
  • Dish washing liquid

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Car Wax Method

Grab some car wax and put a small amount onto a clean cloth, as suggested by the Reader's Digest website.

Rub the car wax in a thin layer all over the mirrored surface.

Allow the car wax to thoroughly dry.

Grab another clean, dry cloth and buff the car wax until it is totally off the mirror. Your mirror will no longer fog.

Shaving Cream Method

Purchase some white shaving cream foam in a can and shake it well.

Squirt some of the shaving foam onto a clean cloth.

Wipe down the mirror's surface with the shaving foam.

Give the shaving cream a couple of minutes to dry and wipe it off thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Dish Soap Method

Dilute dish washing liquid--one squirt in a glass of water. Mix thoroughly.

Wipe the solution evenly across the mirror with a clean cloth.

Let it dry on the mirror. According to the BBC radio program "The Naked Scientists," this method and similar methods allow you to see clearly because they create a film that attracts water evenly across the surface of the glass so light is not refracted and the foggy effect is not created as it is when the tiny individual droplets form on the bare mirror.


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