How to Repair a Canvas Tarp

Things You'll Need

  • Canvas repair kit

  • Scissors

  • Canvas repair tape

  • Heavy books or cement block

Repair a canvas tarp with a repair kit.

Canvas tarps are used for tent material and to cover items left outside such as boats or cars. Canvas is a durable material that can withstand outside elements such as dust and water, but eventually canvas begins to erode and break down and small rips develop in the material. Canvas repair kits contain replacement canvas pieces along with sewing tools to sew the piece over the tear. Canvas repair tape can tackle tiny nicks in the fabric.

Canvas Repair Kit

Step 1

Cut the replacement piece from the repair kit one inch larger than the tear on the damaged canvas. This allows ample space for the replacement to be sewn onto the canvas fabric.

Step 2

Thread the needle with the provided thread from the canvas repair kit. Make a knot at the end of one of the threads.

Step 3

Center the replacement piece over the damaged area of the canvas and sew the piece on. Start from the underside of the canvas and thread the needle up and down near the edge of the replacement piece through the canvas. Continue until you have gone all the way around the replacement piece.

Step 4

Make several passes through the canvas with the needle and thread in one area of the replacement piece, then cut the thread from the bottom side of the canvas.

Canvas Repair Tape

Step 1

Tape a small rip in the canvas with canvas repair tape. The repair tape works best for small loosened areas of thread in the fabric.

Step 2

Cut the tape a bit longer than the tear and place on both the upper and under sides of the tear.

Step 3

Lay a heavy object on the taped area if possible to help the tape bond to the canvas.