How to Dry Baby's Breath Flowers

Flower lovers usually know the common filler flower "baby's breath" (Gypsophila) well because it makes a lovely addition to flower arrangements. Either fresh or dried, baby's breath offers a delicate white balance to other larger and more dramatic flowers in floral arrangements. Gather these lovely, tiny white flowers and dry them quickly and easily. Once dried, the baby's breath will be ready to use in many different dried flower arrangements.

Baby's breath is easy to dry because the flowers are so small. (Image: KatArtKFH/iStock/Getty Images)

Things You'll Need

  • Baby’s breath flowers

  • Pruning shears

  • Rubber bands

Step 1

Clip baby's breath by cutting the stems off at soil level with pruning shears. If you purchase fresh baby's breath from a florist, use the entire baby's breath stems for drying.

Step 2

Bundle together approximately five stems of baby's breath and secure the stems together tightly with a rubber band.

Step 3

Hang the bundled baby's breath upside down in a warm and dark location. Choose a location with ample ventilation to aid in drying.

Step 4

Check the baby's breath after five to seven days. When the flowers feel papery to your touch, they are sufficiently dry. If they are not dry after this time, dry them for two to three more days and check again.

Step 5

Remove the flowers from the rubber band bundles after they dry.


Dried baby's breath can be added to dried or fresh bouquets, wreaths or floral swags to fill in among other dried flowers.

Baby’s breath will last indefinitely after drying.

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