How to Remove Oil Based Paint From Brick

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves

  • Gel or paste paint remover

  • Clean rags

  • Strips of material

  • Stiff bristled brush

  • Bucket of water

  • Garden hose

Here's a hands-on way to remove paint from brick.

Painted bricks on walls, patios or fireplaces add or change color in a particular area. Oil-based paint covers brick completely, working into the tiny crevices within the brick's surface. Eventually the paint fades and needs to be removed to either unearth the brick's original charm, or before applying a new coat of paint. Remove old oil-based paint from brick with paint treatments you can purchase from your local paint store or lawn and garden shop.


Step 1

Place rubber gloves on your hands. Apply a paint remover substance to the painted areas of the brick with a clean rag. A gel or paste paint remover with a thick coating adheres to the paint more effectively than liquid paint remover.

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Step 2

Place fabric material (such as an old T-shirt or other cloth) torn into strips over the top of the paste or gel. Press the material into the entire area of the paint remover. The material will adhere to the strips of material.


Step 3

Peel the material slowly from the brick after one hour. The paste and the paint should peel off as you remove the material.

Step 4

Scrub any leftover specks of paint from the brick with a stiff bristled brush dipped in water.

Step 5

Rinse the brick with a garden hose when finished.


Do not use a pressure washer to clean bricks as you risk damaging the surface. If you need to use a pressure washer, put it on the lowest setting possible.

Do not use a wire brush as you clean specks of leftover paint, as you may damage the brick.


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