How to Make Your Grass Look Like Green Carpet

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Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower with sharp blades

  • Water

  • Aerator, spiked shoes or screwdriver

A lush green lawn can be an ideal place to spend time with friends and family.

Every homeowner's dream is healthy, thick green grass. Not only does lush green grass prove your lawn is at its optimum health, but your lawn is enjoyable to look at while you relax or play with friends and family. Achieving a healthy lawn that resembles a green carpet can be difficult, but once you put in the time and effort your lawn will require less maintenance in the long run. When trying to make your lawn thicker and greener, remember to keep the lawn mower blades sharp and establish a schedule for watering and aerating.


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Step 1

Set your lawn mower at its highest height, usually about three to four inches. Cutting your grass blades very short encourages weed growth, keeps sunlight from reaching the grass blades and weakens root growth. When grass blades are kept consistently longer, the roots become stronger and deeper, resulting in a greener thicker lawn.

Step 2

Keep your lawnmower blade as sharp and clean as possible Sharpen the blade after every third use. A blade that is dull or caked with dirt will tear the grass blade instead of making a clean cut. The grass has to work harder to repair itself when the blades are torn.


Step 3

Establish a watering plan of about one inch of water a week. This nurtures deeper roots, making the grass thicker and healthier. Frequent short watering actually creates more clumping growth and deters deep soaking .

Step 4

Leave the mowed grass clippings on the lawn each time you mow. This will help retain moisture and add nutrients and water back into the lawn.

Step 5

Aerate your lawn by poking holes a couple of inches apart into the lawn. Do this with an aerator, aerator spiked shoes or just use a screwdriver. Not only will this allow more water to reach the roots and encourage air circulation, it will loosen the soil to grow healthier grass.