How to Get Rid of Snakes Under Decking

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Things You'll Need

  • Fence

  • Snake trap

  • Bait

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Snakes in your yard, home or beneath your deck or patio are not just an annoyance that can scare your children and frighten your dog; these snakes can harbor dangerous diseases, parasites and worms. Snakes are natural hosts of salmonella, ticks and mites. It is important to remove these invaders from beneath your decking to protect you and your children from becoming infected with a harmful illness.


Step 1

Remove anything from your yard or around or under your deck that may be attractive to snakes. For instance, if you have mice or rats around your home, this will attract snakes because rodents serve as a major food source.

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Step 2

Cut down any large patches of grass or any other cover that snakes will be attracted to. Snakes will use these areas as shelter.


Step 3

Store any stacks or wood or compost piles far away from your home and decking. These areas also serve as shelter for snakes during hot summer days.

Step 4

Install a fence around your yard. The fence must be flush with the ground or should go a few inches into it. This will ensure that snakes are not able to enter your property or find their way under the deck.


Step 5

Try a snake trap. Place a trap that has been baited with a deceased cricket or any other bug beneath the deck. Once you catch the snake, set it loose several miles from your home.

Step 6

Contact a professional to remove the snakes. If there are multiple snakes on your property or you are not comfortable removing them, call a professional in your area.


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