How to Kill a Wild Grape Vine

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Things You'll Need

  • Saw

  • 2, 4-D herbicide

  • Tarp

Wild grapes might seem tough to kill.

When wild grape vines take over your yard they cling to tree trunks and grow upward around the trunk and branches. When the vines are young, this does not pose a problem as the grape vine does not absorb nutrients directly from the tree; however, over time, the weight of the vine and its sun-blocking leaves can kill the tree. Conventional trimming methods do not work to kill the vine as it grows back after cutting, and some herbicides may not completely kill them either. However, you can combine these treatments to eliminate the vines once and for all.


Step 1

Use a saw to cut the grape vines to one to two feet above the ground.

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Step 2

Apply 2,4-D herbicide to the stumps, according to packaging instructions, to kill the roots of the plant.

Step 3

Cover the grape vine stumps with the tarp to provide constant shade. Grape vines can not thrive without sunlight.

Step 4

Repeat the process until the grape vines no longer regrow after treatment.


Do not use 2,4-D herbicide on or near other broadleaf plants that you do not want to kill. Instead, opt for repeated cuttings to kill the wild grape vines over a three-year period.



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