How to Grind & Polish a Porcelain Tile Edge

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Things You'll Need

  • Tile saw

  • Bullnose blade

  • Angle grinder

  • Polishing pads

Porcelain tiles are a popular floor and wall covering for many areas of homes. Porcelain is a dense material that contains the surface color straight through the tile. Therefore, if a bullnose or edge tile is not available for purchase in a specific tile, or if a nonstandard size of edge tile is needed, it is possible to polish and edge a porcelain tile yourself. Edging or bullnosing a porcelain tile on-site will allow you to custom-fit any tile design.


Step 1

Cut down the porcelain tile to the size required for installation on the tile saw using the standard blade.

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Step 2

Change out the blade on the tile saw to a bullnose blade. The bullnose blade will remove the bulk of the tile's edge.


Step 3

Line up the side of the tile to be edged with the bullnose blade. Push the tile into the blade so the edge of the tile fits into the blade and begins to round. Pull the tile back toward you, and repeat several times until the edge of the tile has rounded.

Step 4

Fit an angle grinder with a polishing pad to polish the edge of the tile. Run the grinder along the edge of the tile that has been rounded by continuously moving the grinder along and over the edge. Do not leave the angle grinder in one spot on the tile for too long, as this may mark the tile. Continue polishing the edge of the tile with the angle grinder until the desired degree of shine has been achieved.


Practice this technique on a few pieces of scrap tile before trying on the tile you are installing. It may take a few tries before you find the position and speed of the angle grinder for the tile you are edging.


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