How to Decoupage Dried Flowers

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Enjoy the beauty that your flower garden offers throughout the year. You can purchase pressed and dried flowers or dry your own. Cut pansies, daisies, roses, lavender, calendula, Queen Anne's lace, cherry blossoms, babies breath, violets and greenery from your garden. Press the flowers allowing them to dry thoroughly. Decoupage the dried flowers for a series of homemade projects. Choose glass, candle holders, unfinished wooden containers, clay pots and sun catchers to make your garden flowers for gifts, home decor and items to sell.


Many surfaces can be decoupaged.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tweezers

  • Foam Or Soft Brush

  • Pressed, Dried Flowers

  • Decoupage Liquid Medium

  • Wax Paper

Step 1

Unfinished wood birdhouse craft.

Prepare the surface of the item that you want to decoupage. Paint a wooden surface or clean a glass surface.

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Step 2

Choose pressed flowers.

Place flowers on a piece of wax paper or a paper plate. You will be able to view all of them when planning where each one should be placed on the project.


Step 3

Pick up the dried flowers with tweezers. Move them around on the wax paper to create a design to put onto your project. Dried leaves and ferns should be placed under the edge of a flower to give the appearance that the flower is growing from the stem.

Step 4

Coat the surface of your wood, glass or other project foundation with decoupage liquid medium, according to package directions.


Step 5

Pick up a flower with the tweezers and coat the back with the decoupage medium. Press it onto the project piece using a brush to smooth it onto the surface.

Step 6

Coat the backs of the remaining leaves and flowers and place them onto the project. When all is in place, dip the brush in the medium and coat the entire surface of the project. Be sure to coat the tops of every dried flower piece. Let the decoupage medium dry thoroughly.


Decoupage flowers to a glass item such as a plate or sun catcher by adhering them upside down on the surface. You can see the face of the flowers through the glass.


Keep pressed flower decoupage projects away from direct sunlight to maintain the flower colors.


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