Biosta Sprouter Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Biosta Sprouter

  • 3 tablespoons small seeds

  • 1-pint warm water

The Biosta Sprouter allows users to grow a variety of sprouts.

The Biosta Sprouter is a unique sprouting system that allows users to grow a variety of different sprouts in the comfort of their home. It is only designed for small seeds such as radish or clover. The Biosta Sprouter consists of three nesting 7 and 3/4-inch diameter trays, a water collection tray and lid. The components allow humidity for quick germination and growth, more so than planting the seeds outdoors in a garden. The Biosta Sprouter is incredibly easy to use as well.


Step 1

Insert the red drainage caps into each tray. Cover the ribbed surface of each tray with a thin layer of seeds, approximately three tbsp. Alfalfa, clover, wheatgrass or mustard seeds are a good choice.

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Step 2

Pour one pint of lukewarm water into the top tray. The water will then drain into the other trays, leaving at least one to two tbsp. on the bottom of each tray. This will produce the proper humidity that is needed for germination. Make sure that you don't pour the water into the top tray too fast because it will disturb the seeds.

Step 3

Set the Biosta Sprouter in an area that receives indirect light throughout the day. This will help with the growth process.

Step 4

Water the top tray with warm water on the fourth day, and continue to lightly water it every day until the seeds have sprouted and you are ready to eat them or use them for cooking.


Step 5

Remove sprouts after growth, in approximately five days. Rinse sprouts thoroughly before eating them. If you aren't ready to eat them the same day, they can be stored in a refrigerator for a few days.

Step 6

Clean the empty sprouter with a sponge and dish detergent before making another batch. Rinse thoroughly.


If using tap water to water the Biosta Sprouter, boil a pint of water and let it cool completely for usage. This will remove any chemicals or chlorine that could harm the seeds or prevent germination. Water should be slightly warmer than room temperature, and never colder.


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