How to Remove a Mobile Home Window

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Things You'll Need

  • J-rail

  • Zip tool

  • Step ladder

  • Drill

  • 1/4-inch socket attachment for drill

  • Utility knife

  • Putty knife

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Mobile home windows are often made with weak aluminum frames. When the frames bend or develop leaks between the frame and the wall, you will need to replace the window. Removing a mobile home window is nothing like removing a window in a standard house. The window frame secures to the outside of the mobile home with screws. If you have a modular home, you may have siding that covers the window frame that you will need to remove.


Step 1

Remove the siding from around the window (if you have siding). You can rent or purchase a j-rail and zip-tool to make the removal process quicker. Most mobile home windows mount to the thin sheet of metal skin of the mobile home and do not have siding. Modular mobile homes usually have siding that overlaps the window frame.

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Step 2

Place a step ladder by the window so that you can reach the top of the frame. Use a cordless screwdriver and quarter-inch socket attachment to remove the screws around the frame perimeter that secure the window frame to the mobile home.

Step 3

Score between the frame and the outside wall with a utility knife to cut the adhesive seal.

Step 4

Pull the window away from the mobile home. Remove any residual adhesive around the window hole with a putty knife.


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