How to Make a Cone Shape Using an Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum foil has many other uses besides cooking or storing food. You can use it in the construction of homemade crafts, in hair treatments or even as a form of home insulation. One other way to use an aluminum foil sheet is to form it into a cone shape, which you can use as a piping bag for decorating cakes or even as part of a hat in a homemade costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Tape

Step 1

Place one sheet of aluminum foil on top of another sheet, making sure that they are lined up evenly. A double thickness of aluminum foil will ensure that the cone maintains its shape.

Step 2

Use scissors to cut the foil into a large circle shape. Be careful not to bend or damage the aluminum foil in the process.

Step 3

Cut a large triangle (about one-quarter the size of the circle) out of the aluminum foil by making two cuts that run from either side of the circle to the exact middle point of the circle.

Step 4

Fold the foil over so the edges of the triangle touch and a cone shape forms. Do not fold any further as the foil may go flat and ruin the shape.

Step 5

Tape the overlapping sides of the aluminum foil together and you will have a cone made out of foil.


Place the foil over a plate or other round object when cutting to cut a perfect circle out of the foil.

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