How to Remove Cobwebs From a Popcorn Ceiling

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Clean cobwebs off a popcorn ceiling with a vacuum cleaner.

Popcorn ceiling cobweb removal is a tricky task. You can't scrub or wipe a popcorn ceiling because it could cause the texture to fall off or become damaged. That rules out both wet and dry forms of cleaning commonly used in other areas of your house. One home appliance, however, removes cobwebs from popcorn ceilings effectively. A vacuum cleaner works great to clean your floors, and it also effectively helps you clean popcorn ceiling cobwebs because it allows you to suck the cobwebs away instead of wiping them away.


Step 1

Roll your vacuum cleaner so it sets on the floor below the area where you want to clean your popcorn ceiling.

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Step 2

Install the brush attachment on the end of your vacuum cleaner hose.

Step 3

Run the brush attachment over your popcorn ceiling to suck all the cobwebs off the ceiling without hurting the texture.

Step 4

Dust with a feather duster if you don't have a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Lift the cobwebs away from the ceiling with your feather duster to remove them from your popcorn ceiling texture. Wash your feather duster before cleaning anything else to remove the cobwebs from the feathers.


Don’t use a cloth or anything that may push the cobwebs up into the ceiling. Cobwebs have a greasy residue that can leave stains on your popcorn ceiling if you push the cobwebs up into the texture with your cloth.

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