How to Design a Circular Driveway

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Circular driveways offer homeowners convenience, safety and attractive parking areas. If you live on a busy street, a circular driveway is safer because it means you don't have to back into traffic. Contact your local government before planning a circular driveway to ensure that it follows your neighborhood guidelines. Design your driveway so that it complements your landscaping and home.


Step 1

Measure and diagram the yard area where the driveway will go. Measure your vehicles as well to ensure that you give yourself enough room for parking and maneuvering. Give your drive at least a 15- to 20-foot turning radius--the width of drive it takes a mid-size or large car to navigate turns, including the one into the garage if you have one. Design the area in front of the home so that a parked car is parallel to the door for easy access to the house or garage.


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Step 2

Check the slope of the yard. Consider designing your driveway on a slope, so that rainwater runs on either side of the driveway.

Step 3

Decide on a driveway surface that will complement the aesthetics of the landscaping and architecture of the home. Popular materials include concrete, brick, asphalt, stone and gravel. Shop various home and garden supply stores to get the best price.


Step 4

Plan how the circular driveway will contribute to the look of the landscaping. Consider planting trees or hedges around the driveway for privacy and to separate the driveway from the lawn. Try a flowerbed or taller plants that offer shade in the middle of the circular driveway area.

Step 5

Think about additional parking for guests and a growing family. You could create a small parking lot area that veers off from the circular driveway. Design your driveway to meet your lifestyle. If you enjoy entertaining, give your circular driveway enough room to accommodate additional parking.


Check out pictures of circular driveways or look at driveways in your neighborhood to get design ideas.


Avoid designing a circular driveway with a short radius, especially if you live in a region that gets icy roads.

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