How to Power Wash Swimming Pools

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Things You'll Need

  • Hose and water

  • Rubber boots

  • Garbage bags

  • Rake or broom

  • Power washer

  • Power washer solution

swimming pool

The buildup of algae, dirt and other bacteria in a swimming pool is a common problem. Fortunately, you can easily clean your pool inside and out using a power or pressure washer. The washer, combined with the proper power washing solution, forces buildup to be lifted from the surface due to great pressure. Cleaning your pool in this manner will not only save your energy, it will save time and money as well. You can easily power wash your own pool in a short amount of time.


Step 1

Drain your pool. Make sure to put the plugs back in after it is drained to catch the water as you power wash.

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Step 2

Remove all your pool deck accessories. Water down the inside of the pool to push the debris and loose dirt to the very bottom. Put on your boots and enter the pool, bringing a rake and garbage bag with you to collect and throw away the debris.

Step 3

Fill the power washer with the washing solution. You can find a solution such as532 Concrete Cleaner at hardware stores. Make sure the pressure is set to medium at first to test how the pool's plaster or concrete takes to the pressure. You can turn it up higher if needed for stubborn grime that will not lift.


Step 4

Spray the pool deck and inside of the pool with the washer tip nozzle angled at 90 degrees. This will allow the water to hit the concrete with force at an angle that will lift up the dirt. Use the washer's extension wand if the pool is deep and you need the water to hit it closer. Spend a few seconds on each spot to give the water time to work.


Step 5

Let the soapy mixture sit on the concrete for about 10 minutes. Empty the pressure washer and refill it with water. Spray the entire surface again using only water in the pressure washer.


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