How to Fill a Fire Pit

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Fire pits make for warm entertaining spaces in backyards that provide not only heat and a cozy ambiance, but also can be used for cooking. Because fire pits must be properly built and filled with wood, it is imperative to learn the best methods to reduce the risk of starting a wildfire. According to Arizona State Parks, the majority of fires get started by fires jumping over the rim of a fire pit. Gusts of wind and unattended fires are additional causes of many fires. Fill your fire pit safely for an evening of outdoor enjoyment.


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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Masonry Adhesive

  • Level

  • Bricks

  • Gravel

  • Stone

  • Chisel

  • Hand Tamper

  • Hammer

Step 1

Lay the bricks you are using for you fire pit by placing them end to end in the desired size and shape. If you need to cut a brick to make it fit in the fire pit, use a 3-inch cold chisel and hammer. Place the brick on its side and mark with a pencil where it needs to be cut. Tap the chisel into the brick until it splits.


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Step 2

Dig 12 inches deep and as wide as the brick when digging the trench for the fire pit. Lay the bricks into the trench to ensure that they fit. Take them out and fill the trench with six inches of gravel.

Step 3

Pack the gravel down with a hand tamper, so the surface is even. Lay the bricks on the gravel. Find out if they are level with the each other by using a level.


Step 4

Apply masonry adhesive on top of the bricks. Stack the next level of bricks on top of the first level. Add levels according to how high you want to make your fire pit.

Step 5

Fill the fire pit with six inches of gravel. Make sure that your gravel is even with a level. Avoid filling your fire pit with too much gravel, because it can cause a safety hazard.


Use stone instead of bricks for a natural look for your fire pit.


Avoid allowing holes in the bricks when making a fire pit, because the fire can escape through the holes.



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