How to Remove Stains in a Vinyl Lined Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Bleach

  • White vinegar

  • Hot water

  • Spray bottle

  • Soft bristle scrub brush

  • Soft sponge

  • Paper towels

Removing stains from a vinyl pool liner.

Over a period of time, pool liners tend to accumulate different types of stains. Pool liners have to be handled with great care when cleaning stains off of them or you can damage and discolor the pool liner. Vinyl pool liners are not made for harsh and abrasive cleaning agents. There are actually only a few safe ways to correctly clean a vinyl pool liner without harming the liner. You can properly remove stains from a vinyl pool liner yourself without spending hundreds of dollars on a professional pool cleaner.


Step 1

Mix in 1/4 bleach and 1/4 white vinegar in a spray bottle and fill the rest of the spray bottle up with hot water. Shake the bottle well to mix in all of the liquids.

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Step 2

Spray the mixture onto the stain, and let it sit on the stain for about one minute.


Step 3

Scrub the mixture gently into the stain with a soft bristle scrub brush.

Step 4

Spray more of the mixture onto the stain. Wait until you see the stain start to release from the vinyl and take the soft sponge and vigorously wipe the stain away.


Step 5

Spray more of the mixture on what is left of the stain and scrub away with the soft sponge.

Step 6

Wipe away the excess mixture with paper towels until the stain is gone and the area of the vinyl is completely dry.


Apply the mixture as many times as needed to scrub away the stain. The reason for wiping the excess mixture away with paper towels is because if you leave the mixture on the vinyl, it could discolor it. Completely wipe away all of the excess mixture. The vinegar acts as a cleaning agent that bonds with the bleach to make a powerful cleaner to dissolve the stain.


Do not add straight bleach to a vinyl pool liner because the straight bleach can damage the liner by itself.


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