How to Cut Concrete Roof Tiles

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Utility knife

  • Concrete roof tiles

  • Goggles

  • Gloves

  • Wet saw

  • Diamond blade

  • Water feed kit

  • Bucket

Cut roof tiles are crucial for coverage of buildings containing multiple peaks and valleys.

Concrete roof tiles are a common building material that gives the roof of a structure shape and color. Strong and durable, a concrete roof tile can last for decades. Due to the shape of many roofs, the installation process often involves cutting the roof tiles to fit along the edges and valleys of a roof. You can perform smooth exact cuts to the tiles with the use of a wet saw. Wet saws operate much like any other power saw, except a constant stream of water cools the blade and the tile, reducing the chances of breakage while cutting. With the proper technique you can cut concrete tiles quickly, speeding up the roofing process greatly.


Step 1

Mark the concrete roof tile along the line to be cut by scoring the tile with a screwdriver or utility knife.

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Step 2

Connect the hose from your water source to the water feed kit of the wet saw. The feed kit is a pump that will supply the water for the saw to cool the blade and the tile surface. Wet saws can be rented from a home improvement store or an equipment rental shop. If a faucet is unavailable, a large bucket filled with water can be used as your water source.


Step 3

Place the roof tile onto the platform of the wet saw equipped with a diamond blade. Align the blade edge with the scored line of the concrete roof tile.

Step 4

Turn on the water and wet down the blade and the tile. Slowly run the blade of the saw over the tile, following the rail on the saw table to guide the blade. Make sure the water continues to run over the blade and the tile, cooling both surfaces.

Step 5

Run the blade over the surface of the tile, cutting it in several passes to prevent breakage.


Wear safety goggles and gloves during the cutting process to protect yourself from small flying concrete chips.


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