How to Use a Microwave Coffee Brewer

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Coffee grounds

Coffee is a crucial part of many people's daily routine. There are many ways to make a quick cup of coffee, such as instant coffee or a single brewing countertop machine. A newer way to brew a fast cup of coffee is with a microwave coffee brewer. The ability to brew coffee in a microwave allows people to brew their own coffee virtually anywhere there's a microwave, such as work, waiting in the hospital or at home.


Step 1

Unscrew the two parts of the body of the microwave coffee brewer. Fill the bottom portion with cool water to the fill line. Use filtered water for best tasting results.

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Step 2

Grind your own coffee for the best tasting results. Grind the beans on a coarse setting--the setting used for a drip coffee maker. Place two scoops (2 tbsp.) of your ground coffee in the bottom portion of the coffee maker with the water.


Step 3

Screw the top back on and place the coffee maker in the microwave. Cook on high for two minutes and then check the progress. Every microwave is different, so your microwave may need more or less time. The coffee is done when it has filled the top portion of the coffee maker.

Step 4

Pour the brewed coffee into serving cups and clean the coffee maker. Unscrew the unit, top from bottom. Dump the used coffee grounds in the trash and rinse the maker with soap and water. Allow to air dry until the next use.


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