How to Change a Cricut Blade

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Cricut blades are designed to make sharp, precise cuts in a variety of shapes.
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The Cricut is a non-computer-based cutting machine that enables you to cut intricate shapes by inserting different cartridges into the cutter. You choose the letters or shapes, adjust the cutting height of the blade to match your paper stock, and press the cut button. However, repeated cutting of heavy card stock can reduce the usefulness of your blade significantly. Install replacement blades, which are available from Cricut, in just a few minutes.


Step 1

Unplug the power cord of your Cricut. Press the ON button, which will open the compartment doors where the cutting blade is located.

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Step 2

Locate the cutting blade assembly at the bottom right side of the machine. It features a cylindrical blade held in place by a black support arm. Pull open the black support on the left side that holds the blade assembly.


Step 3

Loosen the thumbscrew on the cutting blade assembly in a counterclockwise direction. Once loosened, swing the thumbscrew to the right and pull out the cylindrical blade assembly from the machine.

Step 4

Push in on the spring-loaded release pin at the top of the blade assembly until the blade, which is shaped like a small nail, protrudes from the bottom end of the cylindrical blade assembly. Carefully pull the blade with your fingers away from the magnet that holds it in position.


Step 5

Orient the blade over the hole in the bottom of the blade assembly in the same manner as the blade you removed until the magnet grabs the blade and pulls it into place.

Step 6

Insert the blade assembly back into the Cricut and swing the thumbscrew to the left.


Step 7

Tighten the thumbscrew and close the black support arm to secure the blade assembly in position. Plug the machine in and depress the ON button when you are ready to cut.


Use the same procedure above to remove the cutting blade assembly if you need to adjust blade depth, which you do by rotating the adjustment knob located where the blade emerges from the blade assembly.

The average number of cuts you can get from a Cricut blade is approximately 125 to 150, depending on the type of material you are cutting. Softer, thinner materials will allow you to extend the life of the blade.


To avoid electrocution, always unplug your Cricut before any maintenance procedure, including removal of the cutting blade assembly.

Place your Cricut out of the reach of children. The Cricut has a very sharp blade and other small parts hazardous to children.

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