How to Remove Protein Smoke Odor From a Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Air filters

  • Vacuum hose attachment

  • Rags

  • Sponge

  • Pine cleaner

  • Plastic tarp

  • Fire damage restoration specialist

  • Smoke odor removal system

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If damage in your home is from protein smoke--the smoke generated when organic material burns--you could have a hard time removing the odor. Burnt organic material leaves soot that is hard to see, but easy to feel. The odor can be overpowering, and removing it can be difficult. Before calling in a professional, you can do a lot of the work yourself.


Step 1

Treat the smoke damage as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the odor.

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Step 2

Remove all living things from your home, such as pets and plants.

Step 3

Open doors and windows so the smoke can dissipate.

Step 4

Replace your air filters daily. Once the air filters stop collecting soot, you can stop replacing them.

Step 5

Vacuum dirt and debris that remains in the carpets. Use the hose for this process so you do not press the soot into the carpeting. Once you finish vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum bag or clean the inside of a bagless system. Replace air filters on your vacuum so the odor does not linger in them.


Step 6

Clean all hard surfaces, including chrome, porcelain and walls. Mix water and a liquid dish detergent for cleaning. For chrome and porcelain, use clean rags. For walls painted with latex paint, use a clean, dry sponge. For walls painted with oil-based paints, use rags that have been soaked in a pine cleaner. Removing the soot from these hard surfaces will help eliminate one source of the odor.


Step 7

Clean all fabrics, such linens, clothing and drapes. A professional dry cleaner can remove the odor from them.

Step 8

Replace all the padding and insulation in the attic because you can't remove the odor from these. Hire a contractor if you can't do it yourself.


Step 9

Contact a professional fire damage restoration specialist if your efforts haven't removed the odor. The restoration specialist can help choose and then use the correct smoke odor removal system. You may have to tent your home. There are two main approaches: ozone treatments or thermal fogging. Ozone treatments use a device to break up the smoke particles in the air. In the process, the ozone treatment will replace the smoke odor with the smell of rain. If you choose a thermal fogging system, the device will open the pores of your home, allowing the smoke odor to escape.


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