How to Buff Tile Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum or broom

  • Mop

  • Water

  • Neutral pH cleaner

  • Fine-coarse buff pad (white)

  • Floor buffer

  • Spray cleaner solution

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Tile floors in schools or hospitals lose their shine over time as they get overwhelmed with foot traffic and scuff marks. Use a floor buffer to restore the gloss with efficiency and ease.


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Step 1

Clear pathways by removing items cluttering the floor such as mats, boxes, chairs or trashcans.

Step 2

Sweep the floor, clean with a vacuum, then mop it down using a neutral pH floor cleaner mixed with cool or cold water.

Step 3

Choose a pad for the buffer. Buffing pads are color coated, transitioning from light to dark and fine to coarse. Therefore, dark-colored pads are coarser than light-colored ones, so select a fine-grade pad such as white.


Step 4

Spray cleaning solution in front of the buffing areas. Spray a section at a time to prevent the solution from drying out before buffing. Do not spray onto baseboards.

Step 5

Buff the floor moving back and forth with the buffer rather than side to side. Move over the same area at least twice.

Step 6

Remove the pad from the buffer and clean for future use.

Step 7

Clean the floor as dust may have settled after buffing. Vacuum or sweep once again.


Do not aggressively buff tile floors as the protective coating can be damaged.