How to Identify a Bed Linen

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Things You'll Need

  • Steel tape measure

  • 1 permanent fabric marker (light color)

  • 1 permanent fabric marker (dark color)

Marking bed linen for easy identification is easy and will save time and aggravation, enabling you to maintain a neat linen closet. By measuring, labeling and organizing your linen, you can keep your linen closet orderly so everyone can find what they need without rifling through everything in sight. A few moments spent folding laundered sheets makes tidy stacks a breeze.


Step 1

Measure the length and width of the sheets if they are not marked with a label designating their size.

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Step 2

Refer to a chart of standard bed sizes to determine which size the sheet is. Here are some standard U.S. measurements in inches: Twin (39 x 75); Long Twin (39 x 80); Double or Full (54 x 75); Queen (60 x 80); California Queen (60 x 84); King (76 x 80); California King (72 x 84).


Step 3

Write the sheet size (Twin, Queen, etc.) on the bottom edge, near the right hand corner. This will also make it easier to know which end is the bottom when you are changing the bed. Use the dark marker on the sheets because the bottom edge will always be hidden. Use a lighter marker on light colored pillowcases so the marking will not show through the fabric.


Step 4

Store sheets folded neatly to take up as little space as possible.

Step 5

Put a label on the front edge of the shelf indicating what sized sheets are stored there. Match the labels to the sheet size you have written on the bottom of each sheet. This will make it easy for anyone to find what they need without rifling through all the linens.


Labels can fade, so it is a good idea to label sheets with permanent marker. If pillowcases are obvious matches to the sheets, there is no need to mark them. If your linens are navy blue, dark brown or black you may have to iron on white tape and then mark that with the dark marker.



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