How to Make a Hanging Parking Pass

Making a hanging parking pass is similar to making a door hanger--the same template can be adapted to fit your needs as a parking pass. It is easy to make your own parking pass and customize it as necessary. Parking passes can be created for church functions or for school or work to assign available spaces. You can add a graphic that represents your school or company to personalize the parking pass.

Things You'll Need

  • Template
  • Card stock
  • Markers
  • Empty plastic jug (optional)

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Use a design template found online to plan out your design. (See Resources) You can also use the template in a drawing program to make your parking passes look more professional. Print out the template and decide if you need to trace the outline on a plastic milk jug. The plastic jug will give your pass some strength and durability so it will last.

Draw your planned design, or the number that would correspond to the space, on your passes as needed. Print out your pass on card stock. Or you can print out the pass on the card stock and draw out by hand the design you have chosen. There is no guide for how your pass should be designed, just make sure it can be read from outside the car.

Make a cut on one of the sides of the ring in the top of the template to hang the pass from your rear view mirror if the slit isn't already cut out for you on the template.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the pass is just used once, then you can make it out of paper; but if you are going to use it for a while, you will need a more sturdy material, such as a plastic milk container.
  • Great care should be taken to ensure that this pass is not mistaken for a government-issued parking pass, such as a handicapped pass.


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