How to Make a Sweet 16 Corsage with Sugar Cubes

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Things You'll Need

  • 22-gauge floral wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Hot glue

  • Sugar cubes

  • Green floral tape

  • Assorted cut flowers

  • Scissors

  • Assorted greenery

  • Elastic corsage wristlet

  • Ribbon

  • Corsage pins (optional)

Adding 16 cubes to your teen's corsage is a fun way to celebrate "Sweet 16."
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A corsage is a festive adornment for the wrist or chest that is typically made with flowers. Traditionally, women wear corsages for such special occasions as dates, dances, birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Because it represents such a rite of passage, a girl's 16th birthday has a special significance and is often referred to as "Sweet 16." A corsage made with sugar cubes is especially clever and fitting for this birthday.


Step 1

Snip several pieces of floral wire into three-inch sections using wire cutters.

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Step 2

Dip the end of a three-inch section of floral wire into hot glue. Poke the glue-coated end into a sugar cube. The hot glue will help to soften the cube, allowing the wire to penetrate it. Allow the glue to dry so the wire is securely attached to the cube.

Step 3

Wrap floral tape around the wire once it is securely adhered to the sugar cube.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have attached 16 cubes.

Step 5

Shorten the stem of a cut flower, such as a small rose bud, with scissors to a length of one inch. Push a three-inch piece of floral wire into the flower's shortened stem until you penetrate the head of the flower. Wrap the wire in floral tape. Repeat this step until you have attached 16 flowers.


Step 6

Use the instructions for wiring and taping flowers in Step 5 to wire and tape several pieces of greenery to include in the corsage.

Step 7

Make two or three more small bundles with the sugar cubes, flowers and greenery, arranging them in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Wrap the stems with floral table to hold the bundle together.


Step 8

Open the metal clamps of the corsage wristlet. Arrange the bundles inside the clamps as desired. Close the clamps tightly around the bundles. Wrap floral tape around the closed clamps for added security.

Step 9

Create a bow using the ribbon. Wrap floral wire around the bow. Shorten the wire with wire cutters to a length of one inch. Cover the wire with floral tape.

Step 10

Dip the taped wire in hot glue and affix the ribbon to the corsage where you desire. Hold it in place until it is dry.


To make a pin-on corsage rather than a wrist corsage, simply cluster the wired and taped bundles of sugar cubes, flowers, and greenery together with floral tape. Cover the floral tape with ribbon. Attach the corsage on the left side over the wearer’s heart with pearl-tipped corsage pins.


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