How to Expand a Post-Bound Scrapbook Photo Album

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Page protectors

Scrapbooks are a way to preserve memories for the whole family.
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Available in many sizes, post-bound scrapbook photo albums have advantages over their spiral-bound, three-ring and strap-hinge counterparts. With a post-bound album, you can display a two-page scrapbook layout without a wide gap between the pages. Adding additional pages and page protectors to post-bound scrapbook albums isn't as simple as opening the rings in a three-ring binder, however. Use the proper tools and technique to expand a post-bound scrapbook photo album and keep the album's binding secure.


Step 1

Place the album on a solid surface with enough room to open the cover and support the entire album securely.

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Step 2

Open the front cover of the photo album and open the protective chipboard flap that covers the top of the posts along the spine. Flip the existing scrapbook album pages to the left side and open the chipboard flap that covers the back of the posts along the spine.

Step 3

Place your fingertip on the top of one of the posts to keep it from spinning around. Grasp a screwdriver with your other hand and unscrew the back of the metal post. Repeat the process with the remaining posts in the scrapbook photo album.

Step 4

Lift the back cover off of the album once you've removed the backs from all the metal posts. Set the back cover aside.


Step 5

Grasp one to three top-loading page protectors. Ensure the openings of the photo sheet protectors are at the top and thread the page protectors onto the album's metal posts. Continue adding page protectors until you reach the desired amount.

Step 6

Thread the back cover back onto the metal posts.


Step 7

Replace the backs of the screws. Place your finger on the top of one post in the front of the album to keep it from turning. Set the back of the post in place and tighten it with a screwdriver. Repeat the process with the remaining screws.

Step 8

Close the protective chipboard flaps over the posts in the front and back of the photo album. Fill the photo sheet protectors with scrapbook layouts and close the memory book cover.


Increase the total capacity of a post-bound scrapbook photo album by screwing a post extender onto each post before replacing the back.


When you expand a post-bound scrapbook photo album, do not add more than one 2-inch-long extender post since an album that's too thick will wobble when you flip the pages. The spine of the photo album will also twist and possibly break if you've used too many post extenders.


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