How to Fumigate for Maggots

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Even though maggots do not cause any harm to humans and can be quite beneficial in many circumstances, when we see those little white worms we want them dead. If your house is infested with maggots, your best option may be fumigation. Fumigation uses chemicals and should be preformed by a professional though do-it-yourself foggers can be purchased at local department stores.


Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Fogger

  • Table Or Chair

  • Foil Or Plastic Wrap To Cover Items With

Step 1

Purchase the right type of fogger for the correct size of each room. Each type of fogger is made for a specific size area. If you choose one for a larger area, it can fill the room with too many fumes causing a fire hazard. Subsequently, using one that is for a smaller area may not provide enough chemicals to kill all the maggots.


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Step 2

Remove or cover all utensils, dishes, food items, toys and pet supplies. You can cover them with plastic wrap, foil, or anything just as long as they are completely covered. A layer of residue can develop on items that are left inside a room during fumigation. Also, after the fumigation wash all items before using them.


Step 3

Turn off fans and air conditions as well unplugging refrigerators and other appliances. Be sure that any open flames such as a pilot light is extinguished to prevent the fumes from possibly igniting.

Step 4

Leave all inside doors and cupboards open. If maggots are inside the cupboards, the fumes will not be able to reach them if the doors are closed. Also shut all outside doors and windows so the fumes will not escape.


Step 5

Evacuate the house. Remove all people, pets and plants from the home. Fumigation fumes are toxic and can cause serious health risks to any that inhale them.

Step 6

Use a table or chair to bring the fogger above ground level. Lay newspaper on the table or chair and place the fogger on top of the newspaper.


Step 7

Start the fumigation. With the fogger turned away from your face, press the activation button. Immediately leave the home.

Step 8

Return home according to the directions on the fogger. Some foggers say to stay out of the house for at least four hours, while other recommend eight hours. Follow the instructions on the fogger label.


Follow all directions on the fogger label.



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