How to Install a Threaded Rod Into Wood

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses

  • Socket set

  • Socket drill attachment

  • Variable-speed reversible drill

  • Rod anchor

  • Hex nuts matching threaded rod

  • Adjustable wrench

Install a threaded rod.

Threaded rod offers a strong structural connection when fastened to a wood joist. You cannot simply drill and thread the rod into the wood joist, as the fine threads of the rod will easily pull from the wood. To connect the threaded rod to the wood joist, you must first install a hanger that has threads matching the rod. The coarse threads of the rod anchor grip solidly into the wood and can hold 1600 pounds of direct pull weight.


Step 1

Put on safety glasses.

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Step 2

Select a socket from the socket set the fits the hex head of the threaded rod anchor.

Step 3

Open the chuck of a variable-speed reversible drill and insert the shaft of the socket drill attachment into the chuck of the drill.


Step 4

Tighten the chuck of the drill to secure the socket attachment to the drill motor and slide the socket onto the square end of the socket attachment.

Step 5

Place the hex head of the rod anchor into the end of the socket.


Step 6

Set the self-drilling tip of the rod anchor against the wood joist, where you need to hang the threaded rod.

Step 7

Gently pull the trigger of the drill motor and apply pressure to the drill motor to drill the rod anchor into the wood joist.


Step 8

Stop drilling when the flared section of the anchor rests firmly against the bottom of the wood joist.

Step 9

Thread a hex nut onto the end of the threaded rod.

Step 10

Align the end of the threaded rod containing the hex nut with the rod anchor and turn the threaded rod clockwise to thread the rod into the rod anchor. Turn the rod by hand until it bottoms out in the rod anchor.

Step 11

Spin the hex nut up to the rod anchor and tighten the hex nut with the adjustable wrench to secure the threaded rod to the wood joist.


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