How to Attach Hardie Board Siding

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Things You'll Need

  • Starter strip

  • Nail gun

  • Roofing nails

  • Plastic strapping

  • Siding panels

  • Stainless steel ring-shank nails

  • Razor knife

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Hardie board siding is a cement board siding that can be installed over braced wood or steel studs on the exterior of a building to provide a strong, durable covering that creates the look of wood siding without the expense or maintenance requirements. The siding is installed using the same general techniques as wood siding, with planks layered up the side of the building and nailed securely into place. You can even install the boards by yourself, if you follow the correct installation procedures.


Step 1

Install the starter strip for the Hardie board siding. The thin starter strip is installed level with the roof of the building but installed at the foundation to serve as a guide to keep subsequent strips horizontally level. Place the starter strip a minimum of six inches from a finished, graded ground surface, and two inches from steps, driveways or paths.

Step 2

Form a piece of plastic strapping into a loop on one end of the strap large enough for sliding the siding into. Nail the strap to the wall with a roofing nail, placed four inches shorter than the point where the first strip of siding will end. Place the loop at a height that leaves the bottom of the loop located at the same level as the bottom of your first strip of siding.


Step 3

Slide the end of the first strip of siding into the loop, with the bottom of the siding even with the bottom of the starter strip for leveling. Raise the right end of the strip, which is the starting end so that it's level with the starting strip bottom as well.

Step 4

Nail the siding to the building frame using the nail gun and siding nails. Nail the siding between three-quarter and one inch from the top of the siding, starting three-eighth of an inch from the edge of the plank. Skip to the middle of the plank and work your way to the start of the plank at the right, driving a nail into each stud. When you've reached the starting point, return to the middle and drive the nails to the far left end of the siding. Remove the plastic loop when you reach it, cutting it away using a utility knife and discarding it.


Step 5

Finish the row of siding by placing a new board directly adjacent to the first board, and then follow the same installation procedure. Place all board joints centered on a house stud and backed by a waterproof sheet of joint flashing material.

Step 6

Install subsequent rows of siding using the same procedure, overlapping new siding rows over installed rows by 1 1/4-inch, covering the nails placed in previous boards.


Nails used in installation of Hardie board siding should penetrate through the siding and sheathing materials a full inch into the structure frame.


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