How to Make Beaded Wine Bottle Covers

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Waxed beading thread

  • Beading needle

  • Seed beads

  • Bugle beads

  • 4mm bicone beads

  • Jeweler’s glue

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Beaded wine bottle covers add a decorative touch to your table and your kitchen counter. You can easily make a fringe beaded wine bottle cover with colorful glass beads. Select beads to complement your home's décor or to contrast with the color of the wine in the bottle. White crystal beads will pop on a dark, rich-colored bottle of cabernet, while sapphire crystal beads will add life to a light-colored chablis bottle.


Step 1

Measure the circumference of the top of your wine bottle, just below the neck. The beaded cover will begin here and fall over the body of your wine bottle.

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Step 2

Thread 2 feet of waxed beading thread onto your needle. Leave a 1-foot tail, but do not knot the thread. Thread one seed bead to within 2 inches of the end of the thread. Insert your needle around and back through the seed bead twice to secure it on the thread.

Step 3

Thread as many seed beads as you need to create a beaded strand equal to the circumference of the top of the wine bottle. Insert your needle back through the first five seed beads on your strand to create a circle of seed beads. Leave the needle and thread attached to the circle.

Step 4

Make sure that the circle of beads fits over the top of your wine bottle and rests along the neckline. Measure the length of your wine bottle from the circle of beads to the desired end of the beaded cover. Remove the bead circle from the bottle.


Step 5

Insert an alternating pattern of bugle beads and 4mm bicone beads equal to the desired length of the bottle cover. End the strand with a seed bead.

Step 6

Skip the last seed bead and insert your needle back through all of the beads on your strand, exiting the first bead in the strand.


Step 7

Pass your needle through the next seed bead on the circle. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you have strands dangling from each of the seed beads on the circle. You will need to add more thread as you work; tie one strand onto the end of another strand with a double overhand knot. Add a drop of glue wherever you join the threads. The knot will disappear into your work.


Step 8

Finish the beaded wine bottle cover by working the end of the thread back around the seed bead circle. Cut the thread and spread a small amount of jeweler's glue around the circle to further secure the thread.


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