How to Change the Belts on Snapper Lawnmower Decks

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Regular maintenance will keep your Snapper lawnmower in top performance for years to come. Part of the maintenance routine is checking mower belts regularly. Always check them at the beginning and end of the mowing season. It is a good practice to check belts the same time you change your oil as well. Damaged or worn belts should be replaced immediately to ensure no damage to the mower will occur.


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Step 1

Park the mower on a smooth level surface such as a driveway or garage. Turn the engine off and remove the key. Place the mower in park and disengage the blades. Remove the spark plug wire and lay it so that it will not touch the spark plug.

Step 2

Pull the spring loaded idler located next to the electric clutch pulley by attaching the ratchet head (without a socket). This loosens the tension on the belt allowing you to slide it off the idler.

Step 3

Remove the wiring harness from the electric clutch pulley. Remove the anti-spin rod (located on the rear of the riding mower frame). Remove the electric clutch.


Step 4

Loosen hardware from the belt stops. Remove the belt from the electric clutch and the mower deck.

Step 5

Place new belt on the mower deck according to the diagram located under the left foot pedal; The diagram provided is more accurate than the one provided in the owner's manual. Make sure that the belt goes over the drive axle directly beneath the mower.

Step 6

Place the belt on the electric clutch and reinstall the clutch. Reinstall the wiring harness and anti-spin rod.